Where is ReceiptWallet going?

The other day I was chatting with someone that I work with and he mentioned that he and his brother would like to develop a software product. As part of the conversation, he asked if I’d sell ReceiptWallet? That’s a good question. I started ReceiptWallet out of my own frustration really with no idea how well it would do. Now, it is a decent portion of my business and I still feel very passionately about it. That still doesn’t answer the question, would I sell? If there are enough zeros on the check and the terms are right (I’d want ReceiptWallet to continue on and be developed), I’d say yes! Some “indie” developers would never sell out and just like going at it alone. For me, unless I grow my company to have other people handle support and sales, ReceiptWallet will continue to consume me. Someday I’d like to not have to worry about ReceiptWallet. Is that day coming any time soon? No. Am I giving up on ReceiptWallet? Absolutely not. I work on ReceiptWallet almost everyday.

Having my own software product is nice in some ways, but it also eats up a lot of time due to my desire to create a product that I love.

Don’t worry about ReceiptWallet going away; I have some cool ideas for the future. Of course, I can’t guarantee what or when will be in there (until a product ships, no one can know what a product will contain despite reassurance from developers).

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