Running again

I’ve been running on and off for more than a decade. I’ve used it as a way to relieve stress and by running 2 marathons, proved to myself that I can accomplish physical goals that we’re unimaginable to me years ago. After my last marathon, almost 2 years ago, I haven’t run very consistently. My son is now 2 and I feel guilty about running as I should be spending time with him. However, I do need time for myself. To that end, about 6 weeks ago (maybe longer), I started running every other day. I’ve been doing a decent job keeping this up, only missing a few days which I just made up the next day. While I’d like to run 4 days a week consistently, this every other day schedule is working out quite well. My runs are 3-5 miles and take 30-50 minutes (I’m not back down to a 9 minute mile) which is enough to get my heart going, but doesn’t take that much time that I feel guilty about knocking off from work early and still get back in time to walk the dog.

Along with the other changes in my life, I would like to make this a permanent routine as it is going to be the only way I can keep my head from exploding!

NekFit, hokey but useful

At Macworld, I saw an iPod Nano case called nekfit. I have been running with my iPod Nano using an armband, but the wires always got in the way, so I was intrigued by nekfit. When I stopped by their booth, the marketing guy said if I didn’t like it, give him a call and he’d make it right. So, I went ahead and ordered one. I received it a few weeks back and must say that it looked like something that was slapped together in a garage. If you take a pair of sunglasses, but them on backwards around your neck and attach an iPod to it, that’s what the nekfit looks like.

I’ve taken it for a few runs and after I got all the wires tied up the way I wanted (one of the wires kept getting caught on the side), I think I like it. It’s pretty comfortable and definitely keeps the wires out of the way. I had to turn off the rotate mode on my iPod Nano 4G as I couldn’t switch tracks when it was rotated (it kept going to CoverFlow mode). My only complaint is that I wish I could adjust the angle that the iPod hangs as it kind of rubs against my neck.

Will this last? I have no idea. My previous armbands had to be replaced as the neoprene started breaking down and smelled so bad that I couldn’t use it anymore (I went as far as bleaching it and that didn’t help).

For $35, it is definitely a viable alternative to an armband as long as you don’t mind people thinking you’re a little crazy for having this thing around your neck!