Review: BottlePro 2 – Adjustable and Extendable Car Cup Holder Adapter

Earlier this year I was given a Hydro Flask as a gift for being a Den Leader in my son’s Cub Scout Pack. Why did I need another water bottle? After ignoring it for awhile I decided to see what made it so special. I filled it up with ice and water. It held water and ice, no big deal. The next day I hadn’t finished the water and found the water to still be very cold. Since I like drinking cold water, this was the reason to use the water bottle. My only problem was that it didn’t fit in my cup holder in my car due to its large size.

After a few months of putting the water bottle on the floor in the back seat and having it roll around where I couldn’t use it, I decided to look for a solution. A quick search on Amazon came up with a number of options. The option I chose was the BottlePro 2 – Adjustable and Extendable Car Cup Holder Adapter. This bottle holder was designed to adjust to different cup holders by twisting the bottom and came with something that resembles a can coozie to make the fit a bit tighter.

I’ve been using this for a few months now and have absolutely no complaints about it. It does what it says and appears to be well made.


  • Adjusts to fit different cup holders.
  • With coozie on, it doesn’t rattle around.
  • Easy to get bottle in and out.


  • It sits very high because the entire bottle is basically sitting on top of the cup holder and not in it. (Not a flaw in the product, just how it works.)
  • Price is a bit high.


If you have a large bottle and want to have easy access to water in your car, this product is a winner. I would also recommend getting the Hydro Flask Hydro Flip Lid so that you don’t have to keep unscrewing the lid.

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2 Replies to “Review: BottlePro 2 – Adjustable and Extendable Car Cup Holder Adapter”

  1. Hey! My name is Jared and I am trying to solve this issue in my Subaru Crosstrek. I see in the photo you also have a Subaru and it looks like the same interior as mine. Was wondering how the bottlepro has been working out since you posted this and if it rattles around/is cheaply made? Thanks

    1. Hi Jared,

      I still have the BottlePro in my car and while the holder doesn’t rattle, sometimes my bottle rattles slightly. I haven’t really noticed it.

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