Review: Fenix UC30 Flashlight

For many years, I’ve had a fascination with flashlights. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve thought they were cool. Maybe it is because I camped as a Boy Scout and never had great light on the trips. Since I was a scout, the technology in flashlights has changed dramatically and made them much more powerful than they were years ago.

Last year, I did some research on flashlights and decided to buy a Fenix UC35 tactical flashlight. One of the features that stood out to me was USB rechargeable as I didn’t want yet another way to charge something. I’ve been quite happy with the flashlight that I decided to get the smaller version of it, the UC30 this year. This is considered an EDC, everyday carry, flashlight. The flashlight works a bit different from the UC35 in that the UC35 has a tail switch for on/off and the UC30 uses the main switch for on/off and for controlling the light level.

The flashlight gives off a very, very bright light which, combined with a long run time are the main features I need in a flashlight. In my limited testing, the flashlight performs well. I’m considering another one to put in my backpack as I always like to be prepared.


  • Small size
  • USB Recharageable
  • Multiple brightness levels
  • Bright light on highest setting
  • Appears durable
  • Waterproof (according to the specs)


  • Not the cheapest flashlight
  • Unknown durability


The Fenix UC30 is a compact flashlight that puts out an extremely bright light. I really like that it is recharageable via USB as I have USB rechargers all over the place which makes it quite easy to ensure that it is always charged. Time will tell how well it lasts, but so far, it looks like it is well built and will be very useful.

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  1. Looks like a nice flashlight. I too have had a fascination with both flashlights and headlamps for many years.

    For your backpack, I highly recommend a headlamp either instead of or in addition to a flashlight. I find headlamps much more useful for hiking and in many instances, even at home when I want my hands free. My wife uses one of my old ones for sewing and knitting…

    Once I got over my fascination with SureFire (I still like their designs best but they are overpriced) I looked into Chinese knockoffs and ended up with a bunch of Streamlights as well as a keychain Photon Microlight II. I use the keychain light more than any when we come home late at night and need more light on our front walk.

    All of these smaller LED lights have killed Maglights for many people including police it seems. The Maglight is still best for hitting folks on the head with but as far as a light source, LED wins.

    When I do my regular visit to the B&H physical store, the flashlight section is one I never miss.

    1. I was looking at a band that holds the flashlight for hands free, but haven’t found one, yet. I do have a Black and Decker Snakelight that I use when we go camping once a year or when I need my hands.

      I’m still trying to sort out what to put in which pack as I have a backpack for work as well as an emergency backpack that is in my car that has tools, first aid supplies, radio, etc.

      The USB charging is key to me as I have USB charging plugs in multiple places and the emergency radio and car jump starter I have will charge USB devices.

      I’m sure I’ll keep looking and find another light!

  2. I just purchased the UC30 and find it to be a great light in most areas EXCEPT the switch; works as described WHEN you can find it in the dark !!
    Try it; you will be rolling it over and over feeling for something that feels like the switch pad. It could surely use a small bump or protrusion above or below the pad to assist finding it.

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