My time with the Apple Watch

More than 3 years ago, I backed the Pebble watch on Kickstarter. My needs for the watch were quite simple; I wanted to be able to tell the time (the summer before that, the battery on my watch died twice and I got tired of replacing it), I wanted to get text message notifications on it and I wanted to be notified when the phone rang. The last 2 were important as I don’t always feel my phone vibrate when it is in my pocket. About 2.5 years ago, my Pebble arrived. Initially it didn’t do all that I wanted (from the list above), but with software updates and iOS updates, it completely met my needs.

Pebble added apps and I played with a few of them, but didn’t really use them. I’m likely an atypical user as I’m at my computer most of the day and when I’m away from my desk, I don’t spend a lot of time playing on my watch or phone (I don’t commute anywhere).

My only real complaint with the Pebble is that it got confused often and didn’t always give me notifications.

When Apple announced the Apple Watch, my main reason for wanting one was better integration with the iPhone. About a month and a half ago, mine arrived (black sport). Since then I’ve worn it everyday and have been pleased with it for my use. Like the Pebble, I use it for notifications and telling the time. In addition, the watch face I use shows upcoming appointments; that is very useful.

I’ve been quite pleased with Siri on it as I tell Siri to add things to my grocery list and set timers. I haven’t used it for Apple Pay, yet, but hope that more stores accept Apple Pay so I can use it. I don’t use it while running as I’m not sure I’d find it all that comfortable with all my sweat; also I don’t know how well I can get the sweat out of the watch.

In my use, the battery life is excellent (I charge it nightly and it usually has 60-70% battery remaining). I don’t really use the apps, but maybe with watchOS 2.0, that will change. For notifications, the watch performs well. As a watch, it is kind of mediocre; having to lift my wrist is strange and I’d like to just be able to glance at it and see the time. However, having to lift my wrist makes me check the time less often which may be a good thing.

Is the watch for everyone? Of course not. I love technology and the Apple Watch does everything I expected it to do and then some (like Siri), so I guess it was worth it. I knew what it was going to do before getting it and it performs those functions adequately. I know that there are people that hate the Apple Watch and those that love them. Will it be a mainstream product? I kind of doubt it, but that doesn’t matter to me as it does what I need.

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