Going on a fad diet

OK, my title is a bit misleading, however it caught your attention! Luckily I’ve never really had to watch what I eat and I try to run about 4 times a week. (About 4 years ago I did put on a few pounds when I really hated my job; I didn’t have the desire to run and just kept eating.) Earlier this year, I started having some stomach problems and after a my doctor performed a few procedures and determined that there was nothing wrong with me, I was kind of on my own to solve my issues.

My wife suggested I try a gluten free diet. I was quite reluctant to give up gluten (I love cookies and cake), but was willing to try anything. The first few weeks I gave up gluten were tough because it seemed like everything contained gluten. The reality was that I just had to look harder at packages and make better choices. I started eating a lot of apples and more fruit. Also, when we went to birthday parties, it was a bit difficult to turn down cupcakes and cake. However, it started getting easier after awhile.

I’ve been on a gluten free diet for about 5 months now and have been feeling great! Since I don’t have a gluten allergy or celiac disease, I don’t have to worry about things made in a gluten free facility, I just have to read ingredients. I also ask more questions when we go out so that I get exactly what I want.

I consider myself the “problem child” when it comes to eating because I no longer eat gluten, red meat, nor dairy. I was at a company offsite meeting last week and had to request a special meal to meet my dietary restrictions.

While I can’t exactly say if the gluten free diet has helped me, it surely hasn’t hurt me. This leads me to some questions about diets; are people becoming having more dietary problems possibly because or more processed foods, are people becoming more picky, or is something else causing the dietary trends to be more commonplace?

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  1. The chicken-egg question is a good one: changing your diet in any way forces you to look at what you eat more carefully and this alone has benefits.

    I might try getting off gluten for a while as an experiment. I do bake bread and enjoy it so it will hurt, both in eating and in my enjoyment of the baking process, but again, it can’t hurt and might make me feel better.

    Glad you worked it out.

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