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Google Reader has been dead for awhile and I’ve been trying out different options as a replacement. I had been using on my Mac and found it to be a decent app. However, it didn’t sync with anything and I didn’t have a reader on my iPad or iPhone. While there are several paid sync services, I didn’t want to go that route as who knows when they’ll pull the plug and I’ll be stuck again; also, I just didn’t want a subscription.

I stumbled upon [](Tiny Tiny RSS) and installed it on my virtual server. The web interface was good enough for me to get by and the iOS clients worked (not pretty, but worked). I made due, but just got an iPad mini and missed on my devices.

Today I again investigated what to do and found that Reeder and a Mac App called supported a system called Fever looks interesting and is a $30 one time fee (I’d rather pay one time fees than subscriptions; it is a mental thing and really doesn’t always make financial sense). However, after a bit of digging, it appears that Fever may not be actively developed, so I kept searching. As luck would have it, I found [](a plugin) to Tiny Tiny RSS that mimicked the Fever API. I quickly installed the plugin, purchased Reeder and ReadKit, and was back in business syncing my RSS feeds.

Reading RSS on my iPad is great and while this solution isn’t for the faint of heart (that seems to be my mantra…come up with solutions that work for me, but likely won’t work for others…must be the reason I don’t have any of my own products any more!), I’m hopefully this is going to work for me.

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  1. I’ve settled on Feedly for my cloud service and I’m using Reeder on my iPhone and iPad, ReadKit on my Mac. It’s not perfect but now that Reeder has added support for Apple’s Reading List and quieted some of its animation, I’m finding Reeder fine. ReadKit is very slow to sync and has the annoying feature of not hiding read feeds fast enough but it does work and syncs up nicely.

    I think we’ve come to about the same conclusion(s). Great minds…

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