Paranoia trumps common sense

Today my family and I went to the San Diego County Fair and with most events these days, were prepared for the additional security and screening. While they allowed in backpacks and food, they didn’t allow in water bottles (unless they were for children for fears that they would contain alcohol or explosives, I guess). There were numerous signs at the entrance saying that weapons including pocket knives were not allowed and should be left in cars. This wasn’t a surprise, but the metal detectors surprised me (my wife had already been this year, so she went through it before). Stuff that didn’t go through the metal detectors (backpacks, cell phones, etc.) were just pushed alongside the metal detectors.

Those that are paying attention realize how ridiculous it is to partially screen bags (they poke a stick in bags), but that’s not where this article is going. I thought nothing of the weapons ban or any additional security screening until we sat down for a presentation on Kitchen Craft Cookware (the cookware looks real nice and something like it is on our list to purchase sometime after our house remodel is done). My wife was pretty astute and quickly won a plastic juicer that you shove in a lemon/orange/etc., then a “ninja” spatula by being the first to answer questions. Then the kicker came a few minutes later when she answered another question and won a small paring knife. Yes, you read that correctly. We weren’t allowed to bring a knife into the fair, but there was no problem with us walking out with one. Then I started to notice a number of vendors selling knives that you could take home.

I wonder if the person or people that came up with the no weapons policy gave it a second thought or just forgot that vendors sell knives at the fair every year (we went many years ago before all the extra security and bought a knife). Too bad our society is so paranoid these days that people forget about using common sense when making policies.

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  1. No doubt the fair is run by committee and one committee signs up vendors, another handles security. They meet on different evenings.

    Sort of like the Federal government…


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