Review: Vitamix 5200 – Overpriced Blender

Over a year ago, my wife started bugging me about getting a Vitamix 5200 blender. She said someone she knew had one and couldn’t stop raving about it. So, I indulged her and bought a Vitamix from cost a year ago last December.

If you have never heard of Vitamix, the machines are used by major chains such as Jamba Juice. They are supposedly commercial grade blenders. At the price they charge, they sure had better be!

My wife started using it like crazy to make smoothies and using it to prepare dinners. She went as far as putting chicken in it to make chicken enchiladas! There seemed to be no end to the uses for the machine. What struck us as the best thing about the blenders is that it could blend frozen strawberries and everything we threw at it, it chopped up without a problem.

Fast forward a year. Over the past year, we started using it less, but then in order for my wife to get all the nutrients into my son (he’s a very picky eater), my wife started making him smoothies every morning. Now all 3 of us have smoothies every morning; banana, strawberry, rice drink (and some other good stuff).

The Vitamix makes it quite easy to blend the frozen strawberries and blend up the smoothie. One of the things I hated about blenders is how hard they are to clean. The instructions for the Vitamix say to rinse it out, fill it half way with water and put in 2 drops of liquid dishwasher soap. Then run it for 30 seconds at full speed. This works fabulously and cleanup is super easy.

So while this blender will set you back a bit of change, if you like to have fresh smoothies and hate fighting a blender that can’t chop up frozen ingredients, then the Vitamix is a perfect choice.


  • Chops frozen fruit without a problem.
  • Super easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • Versitle.


  • Very expensive.
  • Dry container isn’t very useful for us.


The investment in the Vitamax has really started to pay off as it is helping get our son to eat his fruit and get his nutrients. In addition, it is making it easier for my wife and me to get more fruit in our diets. So much so that we’re going through 5 pounds of frozen strawberries and 2 bunches of bananas a week! I’m quite pleased with the purchase and would do it over again.

On the surface the Vitamax looks like a very overpriced blender; however, it is a tool that I believe will stick around our kitchen for years to come.

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  1. Hello,

    I came across one of your older posts (the one about not installing a dishwasher, as we need to get a new one and it came up when I googled “installing a dishwasher”) and thought it was quite funny. So I looked at a few of your other posts and I thought I’d comment on this one. I have a Kitchen Aid blender, cost me about $80 or so and it is fantastic! Easily chops ice, frozen berries etc. And cleans the same way (water and a few drops of soap on mix). We use it for smoothies alot and it has had no problems. So it sounds to me as though it functions the same as your Vitamix, but at much less the cost! So when your Vitamix breaks down, you might want to try a Kitchen Aid to replace it.

    Christine from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

    1. We have always had problems with other blenders and smoothie makers chopping up frozen items. The Vitamix cuts through them easily. With a 7 year warranty, I hope the Vitamix doesn’t break anytime soon!

      1. I’m with you, Scott. I have had numerous blenders over the years including a rather pricey KitchenAid – probably added together, they all totaled near the cost of the VitaMix! But there is no comparison with any of them to the VitaMix! That KitchenAid can’t make ice cream or hot soup from cold ingredients, in just a minute or so. That kitchenaid can’t blend up the seeds from apples so well that you don’t even know they’re there. I am soooooo happy to be a proud owner of my VitaMix!

  2. I have owned a Kitchen Aid blender for years. I just recently purchased a Vitamix because I love smoothies but got tired of having ice pieces in them which is what the Kitchen Aid left in. The Vitamix makes a smooth velvety creamy drink, there is no comparison! In addition soups are a wonderful plus not to mention fresh peanut butter. I have yet to explore every possibly of the Vitamix but a Kitchen Aid is in no way, in the league of the Vitamix.

  3. Most people’s entail reaction to the price tag of a Vitamix blender is that it is overpriced. But like you, if you use the blender for all that it can do, then it is worth it! You’re not buying a blender, you are investing in your health!

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