Protected PDFs are a waste of time

Today I had to electronically sign some documents and then the document was available to download as a PDF. Preview on the Mac wouldn’t properly render it and required Adobe Reader. As I refuse to put that awful program on my machine, I tried to use VMWare Fusion with some PDF writers on it, tried printing to a Printopia printer, but everything failed. I finally put Adobe Reader on another machine, installed CUPS-PDF, played with a few options in Reader (told it to output as an image), and ended up with a 700 MB PDF that Preview could read! I then opened it in Preview and printed it to a PDF. I ended up with an 11 MB file that was had all the Adobe protection stripped out of it. I can’t select text in the PDF as it is an image based PDF, but I didn’t want it. I simply wanted a copy of the document in a format I could use with Paperless.

I love the PDF format, but I hate extensions like this that just make me go through hoops to get what I’m entitled to have. (I could have printed the 37 pages and scanned them back in, but that would be a waste of paper, not time because I spent more time with all my hoops.)

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