Another Lion change wreaking havoc

One common practice when subclassing a class is to use an application specific prefix so that if Apple adds a similar class in the future, it doesn’t conflict. For ReceiptWallet, I always used RW. One of the classes I subclassed was NSTextView so that I could draw text in gray when no text is entered. This is similar to NSTextFieldCell’s setPlaceHolderString method. I named my member variable placeHolderString and added a property. The code worked fine on Snow Leopard, but when it was run on Lion, we had reports that the placeholder text was drawn twice and blurry.

It appears that Apple added this property to NSTextView in Lion, but didn’t document it. I tried lots of different tactics to fix it, but decided the easiest thing to do was to rename my member variable/property. That worked perfectly and remains backwardly compatible.

So despite my best effort to keep my changes in my own namespace, there was no way for me to anticipate or detect this kind of change.

Lesson learned.

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