Sucked into Twitter

I’m not much of a social networking kind of person, but signed up for Twitter in October of 2007 to get the updates that KPBS was putting out for the fires. Since then my account has been pretty idle, except for the few “tweets” I posted to get free software (some call it spamming, but for my 1 or 2 followers, no one really cared).

I asked a friend of mine the other day how to officially report Palm bugs and he said to post on PreCentral or Twitter to @palm and I might get a response (turns out the correct way seems to be to post on the Palm forums). So now that I’ve posted a few “tweets”, I’m kind of drawn into reading some of the quick things that a few people have to say. It kind of seems like a waste of time to use Twitter, but it’s providing me with some useful information about the Pre and Google Voice (2 of the topics I follow).

Will I start using Twitter instead of blogging? Unlikely as my blog serves as a journal for me and I’m not usually that concise that I can put my whole though in 140 characters.

I still haven’t been sucked into Facebook, but the Pre’s Synergy could make it interesting. Just what I need, something to make me spend more time on the computer!

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