More pricing inaccuracies

Almost 2 years ago, I wrote about price scanner inaccuracies at Target. Well, I was a victim of pricing inaccuracies again. This time, it was at one of my least favorite stores, Fry’s Electronics. I try to avoid Fry’s, but sometimes they have decent deals and have some things that it is easiest to get there. A few weeks ago, I need some CD-Rs and Fry’s had them on sale. While I was getting the CD-Rs, I saw some DVD-R DLs for a really good price. The shelf tag said $17.95, so I picked them up.

When we got to the checkout, it rang up as $24.95. I ran back and brought the tag back. The tag actually said the deal had expired, but the cashier said they’d honor it. The cashier asked for our name and had to get it approved by a manager. After waiting around for more than 5 minutes, we just left without the DVDs.

I contacted the San Diego County Agriculture/Weights & Measures department. I was told that Fry’s had to honor the price on the shelf tag no matter what the expiration date said on the tag; California Business and Professions Code Section 12024.2 (a) (2) “notwithstanding any limitation of the time period for which the posted price is in effect”. The department contacted Fry’s and Fry’s said that they’d make things right for me. I contacted Fry’s and was told to come in, speak with the manager, and get the DVD-R DLs for the $17.95 price. To me, this doesn’t quite seem like making it right. I’d have to go in and wait around for the manager to fix the price. This is precisely the reason why I left; it took too much time to correct the matter!

From what I’ve read, it’s probably good that I didn’t get these as the reviews on this particular media are pretty poor.

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