Reluctantly Upgraded

After a few years of delaying upgrading Quicken 2005 to Quicken 2007, I finally had to do it. I’ve been using Quicken since 1991 and have skipped a number of updates because I didn’t need the new features which probably didn’t help Intuit’s on and off again relationship with the Macintosh (my father used to upgrade Quicken every year on Windows whether he needed it or not; I suspect this is the thinking of many Windows users).

Unfortunately, Quicken 2005 has some problems with Leopard and I couldn’t edit some categories. In addition, an engineer that works on Quicken told me last year that I should upgrade because there were some potential data losses with Quicken 2005. Quicken 2007 still isn’t Intel native and will require me to install Rosetta when I get Snow Leopard. The next version of Quicken for Mac won’t have investment tracking, so I’ll have to run Quicken 2007 for a bit longer. If I didn’t almost 20 years of data in it and there was something that could reasonably replace Quicken, I’d jump on it.

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