Honoring our nation’s fallen

Lately, it seems that the only words I hear associated with Memorial Day are “happy” and “sale”. The word happy definitely doesn’t belong with Memorial Day if you actually look at what Memorial Day symbolizes. It is easy to forget the true meaning of Memorial Day when you hear phrases like “the unofficial beginning of summer”. Today I spent the day with my parents and my son. When I arrived at my parents’ place, I saw that my dad had his flag out at half staff and then at 11 am (he had the time wrong, but doesn’t believe me), he raised it to full staff. (The United States Flag Code says to fly the flag at half staff until noon.)

While I don’t support and haven’t supported the wars of my generation, I do have great respect for those that serve and for those that have given their lives for our country. Memorial Day should once again be recognized for the day that it is, to honor those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country and should not be used as yet another excuse to have the day off and commercialize a holiday.

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