Closing the barn door…

About a month ago, our local Bank of America branch was robbed. My wife called me as she was leaving the area and told me that there were a lot of cop cars at the bank. Since we live in a pretty sleepy part of town, we knew something was up. I turned on my police/fire scanner (I got the scanner several years back to monitor fire communications in case there was another wildfire as the notification system is a bit slow and if I see smoke, I want to know what is going on) and heard that the bank was robbed. Wow, pretty scary. I go in the bank every week without fail.

For the next several weeks, there was an armed guard outside of the bank. I felt much safer (yeah right). I mentioned this to my wife and wondered how long this would last. Well, it didn’t last all that long. While I know that some robbers rob the same bank twice in a short period of time, it is not all that likely. So, the armed guard was a complete waste in my opinion.

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