What to do without the Internet?

I put my son down to bed and came downstairs to check on the Software Update Server I setup at work (I’ll have some hints on this when I get a chance), only to find that my computer wouldn’t connect to the Internet. I restarted and had the same problem. I went over to the cable modem, saw the blinking lights, restarted it, flipped on the TV to see snow and dialed the cable company (I memorized their phone number years ago when problems were quite frequent). The tech I spoke to asked me to restart my cable modem, I told him it was pointless as I had no cable TV, but he insisted. So, I just said, OK, walked into the other room, grabbed my computer, my cellular modem, and walked back into the TV room. The tech asked me to plug the cable modem back in, so I said, OK and went about my business of writing this post. Of course, I didn’t bother to do what he said because I had no TV picture, so obviously I wasn’t going to have a working cable modem! I love calling tech support and having people read from scripts.

Crossing my fingers that they figure this out before the cows come home. It isn’t a problem on my end. Uggh.

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