Misinformed Author

As is pretty routine in our lousy local paper, I read an article where the author didn’t bother to do his research. He lumps LinkedIn with MySpace and Facebook as social networking sites routinely used by those under 18. Here is my letter to the editor:

In your article today (Saturday, March 7) about social networking sites, your author has clearly failed to due his research as there is a glaring mistake in the first sentence. The author lumps LinkedIn with MySpace and Facebook. Anyone that has used LinkedIn or visited its home page knows that it is for professionals and is quite unlike Facebook and MySpace. In fact, I suspect that very few people under the age of 18 use the site. I’ve used LinkedIn for several years as it has helped me establish and maintain professional contacts. In fact, I routinely receive job inquiries and last summer was offered a job based on contacts through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is clearly not the same as MySpace and Facebook.

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