Enough with negative campaigning

I know I’ve written about this before, but I finally decided to write a letter to the editor about it.

The race for City Council District 7 is heating up with both sides sending numerous printed ads to us, but each side has a different tactic. April Boling has decided that negative campaigning is the only way to win the race; instead of focusing on what she can do for San Diego and our council district, she has chosen to show what Marti Emerald hasn’t done. Of course, it hasn’t been Marti’s job to change city council, but April feels it is necessary to blame the city’s problems on her.

While I’m disappointed that the Union Tribune has decided to endorse a candidate that has nothing positive to say nor has any real solutions for San Diego, I’m not surprised. I hope that voters in council district 7 don’t simply take the Union Tribune’s word on who should represent this district and can see that we need a city council member that is an outsider and can bring much needed change to our city.

Will they publish it? Probably not.

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  1. I’m involved with the Tom McClintock campaign for CD4 and all we pretty much do is negative campaigning. We have mailers going out every couple of days constantly shoveling dirt in Charlie Browns face. I guess it prob doesn’t help that the opponent attended an anti-war rally (remember the house a few years back that hung the soldier in effigy? he was there), lied about, and then photos and video, even a quote by the homeowner about how surprised he was Brown came out, then he finally admits it, but says he was talking to both sides. Kind of hard to do that with a police barricade between them.

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