Congress caused the gas price problem

In the president’s radio address this past weekend, he blamed Congress for high gas prices. He thinks that drilling everywhere is going to bring the prices down. Boy, and people actually elected this guy president? The high prices couldn’t be caused by supply and demand (lots of demand around the world), the war in Iraq (takes a lot of gas to fuel those military vehicles), or the world hating us (I’m sure Venezuela and other countries would pump out more oil if they didn’t hate us or more specifically the president so much)? Drilling everywhere isn’t the solution to anything; it may help in the medium term (starting to drill today won’t lower prices next week), but there is only a limited supply of oil in the world. If you want to blame Congress, blame the Congress that rolled over 20-30 years ago by not pushing for higher fuel economy for cars and trucks. The auto makers just didn’t want to spend the money back then to produce more efficient cars and congress didn’t act to force them to do it.

How many days do we have until this guy is out of office?

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