Supporting ancient OS versions?

I had a user today purchase ReceiptWallet and then complain that it doesn’t work on Mac OS X 10.2.8! First off, people should download the demo prior to purchasing as I have a big “agree to this” section when purchasing that tells people to try before they buy and says we don’t offer refunds. (I did give this guy a refund as I don’t want to fight chargebacks because people can’t read.) Second off, 10.2.8 came out in October 2003! This guy said that he stays 2 OS versions back (apparently major versions). How can anyone expect developers to support such old OS versions? Apple stopped providing security updates to 10.2.8 a long time ago!

Based on usage statistics I started gathering a few months back (anonymously, of course, which requires me to make some assumptions), Leopard (10.5) users outnumber Tiger users (10.4) 4 to 1. Since ReceiptWallet uses CoreData, it requires 10.4 as CoreData was introduced in 10.4. Based on these statistics, going forward, I have to really decide if I will continue with 10.4 support. For now, I’ll keep supporting it, but some features will require 10.5 (or even 10.5.3) and higher.

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