Asking for (USB) trouble

Scotts-MacBook-Pro.jpgI was doing some testing today and had to re-arrange my USB hubs to put certain devices at the beginning of the chain. Hubs, you ask? Yes, I have 3 powered USB hubs and a ton of devices. Does it all work? For the most part, yes. I really wanted a 14-21 port hub and not have to chain hubs together, but I’ve been unable to find one, except for one that someone hacked together. Am I that unusual to have so many devices? OK, I may have a few more devices than most people, but aren’t people collecting more devices? Here’s my current list of what is plugged in:

  • iPhone
  • iPod Nano (2nd generation)
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap
  • DocketPORT 465 scanner
  • NEAT Receipts scanner
  • Playstation 2 headset (actually a Logitech headset)
  • Garmin Forerunner 305
  • DYMO LabelWriter 330
  • Generic Flash Drive
  • EVDO Rev. A modem
  • EPSON CX9400
  • Sewell DisplayLink
  • MacAlly Keyboward
  • Logitech Trackball
  • UPEK Fingerprint scanner
  • WiebeTech TrayDock

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