Hacking ICA – NEAT Receipts scanner working with ReceiptWallet

After a lot of work today, I managed to get the NEAT Receipts scanner to work with ReceiptWallet. It wasn’t easy as there are issues with ICA and the driver that NEAT Receipts ships is quite buggy (if I tell it to scan the entire width, it fails; I have to divide by 3 to get it to work). I suspect that they just got the scanner working with their software and called it a day. Some comments in their forums seem to back this up as the scanner works quite poorly in Image Capture. I’m only going to be supporting 10.5.3 (which was just released) and higher for using Image Capture and this scanner. A large number of ReceiptWallet users are using Leopard, so this isn’t a huge problem.

I’ll be posting a beta probably tomorrow with preliminary support for the scanner. I’m sure I’ll have to keep tweaking the support when they fix/change their drivers. If you don’t have a scanner, I wouldn’t recommend their scanner as the drivers still need work; I’d recommend the Pentax DS Mobile 600 or the ScanSnap S300M. If you already have the scanner, now you can use it with a stable, mature product.

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  1. I see that you are into hacking software is there anyway you could hack the neat software to understand £ instead of $ it would be a huge market in the uk that could instantly use this product then.

    Not sure why neat are so useless and not expanded into other markets but i havent got the technical knowhow to do this if at all possible.

    would be a challenge, but one that would be valuable

      1. sounds like a god send!

        wish i spotted your blog earlier!

        bookmarked for future use advice is much appreciated

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