Taxing those that can’t do math

The latest attempt at getting out of California’s budget problems is to increase marketing of the lottery. Someone once told me that the lottery is for those that can’t do math as the odds of winning a substantial payout are astronomical. So the state is hoping that those that can’t afford to spend money on the lottery buy more lottery tickets. I’m not saying that those that can afford it don’t play, but my gut tells me that many of those that do play can’t really afford it, but hope that just the next ticket will be the big one (it never is). What a brilliant plan; I’m once again impressed my our government.

My partial solution (not just to the state’s money problem, but all government money problems) is to tax each person that has served an elected office for each year that he served. Some amount, like $10,000, would be a start. Those in office currently or in the past got us into the mess that we’re in now. I’m sure that this will go over real well with the politicians. This won’t solve everything, but it may make politicians think twice before wasting our tax dollars.

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