I feel so dirty

I decided to purchase an EPSON scanner to maybe workaround issues with their drivers and ReceiptWallet. I have an old Perfection 1250, but the drivers aren’t universal binaries and I wanted to give EPSON a fighting chance to make it back on my list of acceptable scanners. So I saw that Fry’s had a few on sale and purchased the EPSON CX9400. I feel so dirty purchasing the scanner as I’ve said so many bad things about EPSON. I unpacked the scanner and said “oh, this is a pretty scanner”. My wife laughed at me as I described a printer as “pretty”. It looks well made and it might replace my old HP OfficeJet 6110xi for faxing and copying.

I installed the drivers from EPSON’s site (I chose this model as it is current and has Intel native drivers) and away I went (the download was only about 20 MB vs HP’s 100+ MB). I started up Image Capture and was pleased to see that Apple’s TWAIN Bridge let me use the ICA scanning dialog instead of the EPSON dialog. Next I tried ReceiptWallet. It scanned on the first try, but crashed on the second try. Wow, that’s what people have been telling me. The crash clearly looks like it is in the driver, but I’ll take a stab at working around it as it will help many ReceiptWallet users. In addition, if ICA works acceptably, I might turn that back on as an option in ReceiptWallet. The TWAIN UI for the EPSON scanner still looks like crap, but if it works, then ReceiptWallet users may be happy.

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