Defective dog

Our dog had his root canal yesterday performed by Dr. Brook Niemiec. Everything went as planned, except after the initial exam, the vet showed us that Marley had an extra, useless tooth that was encroaching on his front teeth. So, that tooth had to be removed which made the $2000 dog bone even more expensive. Other than Marley being on some drugs for a week and having to eat soft food for 2 weeks, he seems to be doing fine and will be back to his normal self soon. As Marley has been a part of our lives for 3 years, I was very worried about the procedure as he had to be anesthetized. This may be a routine procedure, but anesthesia scares me. I’ve asked for copies of the X-rays and once I get them, I’ll put them up. I figure that for what I paid to repair Marley’s teeth, I might as well let others look at the pictures.

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