$2000 dog bone

No, we don’t feed our dog diamond studded bones or anything like that. We’ve been letting him chew on a plastic Nylabone. He loves them and goes through them periodically. Well, on Sunday we were playing with him when I noticed a tooth fragment on the ground. My wife looked in his mouth and saw the tooth with the pulp exposed. After reading that this could be serious, I took him into the vet yesterday. The vet said that it was a fractured tooth and the tooth was a major one. The only option is root canal since Marley (the dog) is only 3.5 years old (older dogs he’d recommend just giving antibiotics and depending on the tooth, extracting it) and he really needs the tooth.

There are basically 2 veterinary dentists in Southern California; one here in San Diego (there are less than 100 board certified veterinary dentists in the world). The vet called later in the day after talking to the dentist and gave me the bad news; it was going to be close to $2000 for the root canal plus $250 for X-rays prior to the procedure. Ouch. So, the dog is scheduled for his root canal next Friday. While we have pet health insurance, I think we’ll be lucky if it covers half. (Yes, we have insurance for our dog; while it may seem frivolous to some, the costs as seen here, for some procedures are extremely high.)

I hate that this is going to cost a chunk of change (and will likely delay the purchase of some stuff), when do you say stop paying for your pet? Isn’t your pet family? I know that Marley is a big part of our lives and I can’t imagine life without him. I know that his time will come, but until that happens, we’re going to do all that we can do for him.

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  1. Ouch! Assuming your insurance covers half, you are going to have to cough-up $1,125. At $39.95, so you are looking at a cost of 28 registered copies of ReceiptWallet!

    I hope version 2.0, with all the free publicity new releases get from bloggers and reviewers, has been selling like hot-cakes! đŸ™‚

  2. ReceiptWallet sells OK, but still that $1100+ hurts as the money was already allocated for something else. If the sales of ReceiptWallet double, then we’re talking, but if they remain constant, I’m in the same boat as before the release (ReceiptWallet is not a side business for me, it does account for a non-trivial amount of my work/business).

  3. Ouch! My GSD mix just fractured his canine this morning. We were playing fetch in the house (now I know why mom always says no throwing things in the house) like we do alot and he hit his tooth on our glass coffee table. I have an appoitment today to get him into the vet. I see a little red so I am thinking the pulp is exposed and will require a root canal. I hope not though!

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