Mess of wall chargers

Yesterday I went to use my Sony Reader and it said “Low Battery”. This was very strange as it had been plugged into the charger for 2 days, so it should be charged. I looked at the Reader and it said it used a 5.2 V charger. I looked at the charger and it said 5 V. Hmmm. That was strange, so I dug through my chargers and found the 5.2 V charger. The 5 V charger was from my PSP; I plugged the 5.2 V charger in and this morning, the Reader was all set to go. Now, the two chargers had identical plugs on them, so it was quite easy to make the mistake. If Sony had a clue, it would have made the same charger for both products as it would have saved on manufacturing costs and would have reduced confusion for people like me that own both products.

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