TV without violence?

My wife and I realized awhile ago that most of the shows we were watching/recording on TiVo had to do with crime/murder such as CSI: Miami, NCIS, Without a Trace, etc. While the shows are quite engaging, they are violent. I wasn’t sleeping well and my wife suggested that our TV viewing habits could be the cause. So, we decided to change our makeup of shows to shows without violence. Unfortunately we picked a real crappy time to do this because of the writer’s strike. We’ve started watching “chick” shows are there simply aren’t that many comedies and other good shows on TV. While the “chick” shows (i.e. Grey’s Anatomy aren’t my cup of tea, I am sleeping much better. We’ve thrown a few of the crime shows into the mix, although not as often, and I’m still sleeping well.

I’m not sure why we were so attracted to violent shows, but our choice of shows is changing which is a good thing because as our son grows up (and we determine how much TV he’ll be allowed to watch), we don’t want him watching violent shows.

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