Turned off my server

As I’ve previously written, I started making the move to turn off some of the services running on my server. Last week, I managed to move the last service (SlimServer) running on my server somewhere else; in this case to my AppleTV which is quieter and more energy efficient than my monster server. So, last Monday, I sent an init 0 to the server and turned it off. I then moved my UPS to my office. It is such a relief to no longer have to make sure my server is running; while I do have some services running on my virtual private server, I don’t have to worry about it physically being up. In addition, by not using my server as a router, I don’t have to worry about restarting my server and having it affect my internet connection.

Things have been humming along and Google for Domains is working out quite well. With GoDaddy handling DNS and email forwarding on some domains, I don’t see a need for me to turn on my server. It has been a great experiment and has taught me a lot; I first brought a dedicated server online something like 8 years ago!

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