Digging up the past can sometimes be a good thing

I was contacted today by someone looking for a real early version of Eudora for Newton (prior to 1996) to prove that someone’s patent claim of email on a handheld is invalid. That’s pretty amazing to me that someone would actually attempt to claim email on a handheld so late as Eudora for Newton wasn’t the first; there was eWorld and the Motorola Marco which pre-dated Eudora for Newton. As I was searching and digging up stuff, I came across a press release announcing that Eudora Pro for Newton won a CES Innovations award in 1997 (that’s 10 years ago!). I either forgot about the award or no one ever told me about it. I wasn’t at CES to receive the award (I’ve never been to CES, I was at Comdex for one day the prior year, I think), but I guess that’s what happens in a big company. I was the sole author of the product, so I guess I can claim the award as my own.

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