Boy Scouts (again) sued over land access

Today’s paper had an article about the Boy Scouts in court again over lease agreements with the city of San Diego claiming that the Boy Scouts are a religious organization. This is the biggest bunch of bull I’ve ever heard. Just because the 12th point of the Scout Law is “Reverent” and the Scout Oath has “do my duty to God and my country”, it doesn’t mean that it is a religious organization. US currency has the word God on it; the Oath of Office for various top positions in the government end with “So help me God.”. Does this make the government a religious organization? While I completely respect people’s views in whatever religion they may have, I see nothing wrong with the Scout Law and Scout Oath as they are today. I agree with the Boy Scouts of America on this point, I completely disagree with them on their stance on gays as leaders. Being gay doesn’t mean that someone is morally wrong, does it? It isn’t my choice, but why should I care what others choose? It also doesn’t mean that a leader will act inappropriately around the scouts.

I am a huge fan of the Boy Scouts and believe that being a Scout and earning the rank of Eagle Scout has made a big impact on my life. However, I think that it needs to re-think some of its views (particularly its stance on gays) so that it doesn’t become associated with highly conservative religious views which could have a very negative affect on the organization.

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