Excess packaging

It seems like many things I buy come in boxes that have bags and bags in them along with manuals, CDs, etc. I usually keep boxes and packaging for stuff I buy for 6 months to a year depending on what it is in case I have to return it or have it repaired under warranty. Yesterday, as I periodically do, I tossed a bunch of packaging that I no longer needed. As I was going through it, I realized that there is a lot that isn’t needed. First off, blister packs are just awful to recycle as you really can’t; cardboard boxes are much easier to recycle. However, marketers like people being able to see the contents. Second, I find the documentation in plastic bags. Is it really needed when there is scant documentation anyway? Then there is the CD. Is it really needed? Most times I download newer versions anyway. For those that can’t download, how about a number they call to request the CD; these days there can’t be that many people with that problem. In my process of tossing stuff, I separate out the paper/cardboard and plastic stuff. I recycle the paper/cardboard. How many people really do that? If the packaging were reduced and people were as conscientious as I, we could have a huge reduction in the amount of waste we send to the landfill.

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  1. I myself am incredibly tired of excessive packaging. When we see fruits shrink wrapped and boxes within boxes or plastic bottles within boxes it starts to make us crazy. It is time to lead the charge against this excessive waste and I hope all consumers will join us in the revolt against excessive packaging.

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