Nickel and dimed by Sprint

I got my latest Sprint bill today and noticed it was a little higher than normal. Turns out that Sprint charged me $18 to switch handsets; this is after I paid them $350 for the new handset! Do they not get it? On other carriers such as T-Mobile and Cingular, you can pull the SIM out of one phone and put it in another…you don’t even have to tell them. They don’t even have to know about the change as you do it yourself. Since Sprint and Verizon don’t use SIMs (or the CDMA equivalent which didn’t take off), I am forced to talk to a human to change phones; Sprint used to have the ability to do it online, but they scrapped that probably so that they could try to sell you something else while you’re switching handsets. Cingular is looking better and better everyday.

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