Sprint Bill, part 2

I looked at my Sprint bill online today as it just became available. I noticed that the balance was twice that of a normal month! Wow, what that Sprint mess up now? After pouring over the bill for about 30 minutes and checking my credit card statement, it appears that Sprint never charged my card for December. What happened was this…I ordered a phone, Sprint placed a $349.99 credit on my Sprint bill as I paid that amount by credit card. Next, when my payment was due on Dec. 17 for the previous month’s bill, I already had a credit on my account that exceeded this, so they didn’t charge me. On the December bill, there is a charge for the phone ($349.99 + sales tax) as well as the normal charges. So, it looks like they’ll catch up next month in billing me. To further complicate matters, there is a charge for $399.99 for the phone they sent me that I didn’t want as well as a credit to offset that.

What a mess! Next time I should buy a phone from an independent retailer and not Sprint itself as this billing disaster has given me a major headache.

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