Audio System Installation

Well, the installers showed up today at 9 am and said that they could only stay only 2 pm as they had another job that had to be done before the weekend. I guess my money isn’t as good as someone else’s. Anyway, The first room progressed quite quickly with only a couple of holes to patch. The next room was extremely difficult and took several hours. I just had them run the wires and only install speakers in the locations that I couldn’t reach with helped speed things along. So, 2 pm rolls around and they don’t have to go to another job, but one guy says he’s not feeling well and going him; they’d finish the job the end of next week. I asked if the other guy could stay to finish another room with me and he did; that room went quickly because I knew exactly how to fish the wires. While I’m pleased that the wires got run, I’m a little disappointed that the job wasn’t completed today (2 controls and 2 speakers are left). I did spend the entire day either helping them fish wires, installing speakers, or terminating the connections (I didn’t even have them pull the wires the last 8 feet down the wall as I had already done that a number of times and I could do it again). So finally around 6:30 pm when my wife came home, I had music playing in 6 rooms in the house! I still have to patch a bunch of holes, texture, and then paint them. My dad is coming over on Sunday to help me install the outdoor speakers. Maybe at the end of next week this project will be done. (Pictures of the installed system will come when it’s done.)

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