Audio System Installer

Yesterday the installer came to look at my house to get a feel for installing my speakers and wire. He was recommended by my dad and my dad’s pretty picky, so he should be OK. However, some of the things he said didn’t install confidence in me. First off, the tallest A frame ladder they have is 8 feet; I have vaulted ceilings and to be safe, a 10 feet A frame will be needed; he said that he can use an extension ladder and rest it against the beam (the beam is exposed). Second, he tried to tell me to place the speakers somewhere where it would be easier to install. Third, he told me that the installation in 2 of the rooms would be hard; those rooms are the easiest as when we had ceiling fans put in, the electricians had no problems in there…they just cut a hole for the fan and fished the wires to the attic. Fourth, he told me that in his own house we just notched the drywall and ran wires in the notches instead of drilling holes through the floor joists which seems to me the cleaner way to go; granted my way is more time consuming, but I’d prefer not to have drywall patches all over the place. I guess we’ll see tomorrow when they come to do the install. I’m just going to have them put in the speakers and run the wires; I’m not even going to have them run the wires to my termination panel, just to the attic area and tack on an extra 10-12 feet of cable and I’ll fish the rest. I’ll be around for the install and will show them the easy

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