Server Downtime this morning

My server was offline for a few hours this morning due to no fault of my own. My cable provider had some network issues that finally got resolved by around 8 am. I called them (Time Warner Cable) around 6:15 am when I woke up and discovered the issue. When I spoke to the help desk, the tech (national help desk) was pretty useless. He ran the standard diagnostics, but luckily didn’t ask me to reboot my computer as I know that would have been a waste of time. I specifically asked if their were network problems and he said he didn’t know of any. I received a call around 10:15 am from a tech in the local office and he said that they resolved the problem around 9:45 am. I appreciate getting calls back from them when I have issues, however, when I call and speak to the national help desk, they’re not always helpful. Overall, I’m pleased with Time Warner as a provider…they just need to give their techs updates on network issues.

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