Good news on evolution

Apparently the voters of Dover, PA got fed up with their school board that is trying (the case is being fought in court and should be decided in January) to implement “Intelligent Design” in the biology curriculum. Eight of the school board members were voted out of office. Unfortunately, the ninth board member wasn’t up for re-election. Maybe there are still some “intelligent” people in this country.

(Also see this article where the Vatican seems to be against “Intelligent Design.”)

Conservative Neighborhood

While my wife and I were walking our dog yesterday, we passed by the house where we voted (we vote in a garage) and they posted the election results for those that voted (in aggregate, of course). Based on the results, I live in a conservative neighborhood. About 65% of the voters cast votes xfor all the propositions (many conservatives supported Governor Arnold). This really wasn’t surprising to me, but it is interesting to see the political views of those in my neighborhood. Luckily no one tries to impose their views on me.

Governor Arnold – Maybe he should be recalled

Yesterday’s statewide California election where Governor Arnold’s propositions failed, shows that his ideas aren’t representative of his constituents. While most of his propositions didn’t win by a landslide, it does show that he wasted a lot of money ($300+ million) on this election. The only reason he had this special election was because he was unable to work with the legislature to get laws passed. I think that it may be time for Governor Arnold to go; I hope he doesn’t get re-elected. While he has said when he was elected that it wasn’t going to be politics as usual, that’s exactly what it has been.

Intelligent design – sad for America

The decision, yesterday, by the Kansas State Board of Education requiring that “Intelligent Design” be taught in biology classes marks a sad day in American history to see the religious right bringing religion into the classroom. Those that support “Intelligent Design” say that it is an alternative to evolution, but in fact, it is made up baloney. There is scientific evidence that supports evolution; the question that has always remained for me, is how did the first “things” on Earth get here? Big bang? A higher being? Magic? Who knows. I think that religion should be used to explain the unexplainable, in this case, how did the first things get on Earth. Taking the bible literally shows a lack of thinking in my mind; I see it as a guide. If you take the passage about the world being created in seven days, no where does it say how long a day is. It could be millions of years.

I’m all for religious freedom, but I don’t want to see anyone impose their religious beliefs (“Intelligent Design” is a belief and nothing more) on me or anyone else in this country. I think that the religious right need to take a step back and practice their religion without forcing it on me.

(It was pointed out to me by a friend that apparently the Vatican, of all entities, has similar beliefs to me about this.)

Election time is always a fun time of the year

I sure do love receiving the phone calls (luckily to a voicemail only number) and the printed junk telling me what to vote for in the upcoming election. Luckily I don’t have to sit through the TV commercials as we skip through them on TiVo. One of the interesting pieces of junk mail we received today had Mac OS X written all over it. They modified the Finder’s Go menu and added Uncover->The Hidden Agenda. Very slick looking and then they used Safari for the web browser pictured in the ad.

The one proposition that annoys me the post, is Proposition 74 (these are California propositions that Governor Terminator got on the ballot). It changes teacher tenure which on the surface sounds like a good idea, but it really doesn’t solve the problem of getting rid of bad teachers. Furthermore, it is retroactive. My wife is in her third year teaching and was granted tenure this year. If the measure passes, they strip the tenure from her and she is on probation for another 3 years. That really sucks. It is hard enough to find good teachers that are passionate about there work, now to make it even harder to become a permanent teacher and easier to get fired, who is really going to want to become a teacher? It sure isn’t for the money. If you’re a California voter, at least vote NO on 74. (I don’t know enough about the other propositions to make an informed decision, but if Arnold is behind them, they’re probably bad.)

The president should stick to written speeches

It seems that every time the president of the United States, George W. Bush, opens his mouth and says something that isn’t written in his speech, he fumbles. I was watching “Most Outrageous TV Moments” last night and couldn’t help, but laugh at this clip of the president. Did this country really elect him President? Twice?