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As I’ve written in the past, I replaced all my WiFi equipment with Ubiquiti’s UniFi gear. For my relatively small 1600 square foot house, I’ve gone overboard and have 3 access points. The house is a tri-level house so ideally I’d put once access point on each level. Unfortunately, due to convenience, I didn’t do that.

I set up one access point in my networking closet near my office on the ground floor, one in the garage in the hopes that it would cover up (yes, I know it points down) and one behind the TV on the mid level (wall mounting is not a great option). While WiFi coverage was adequate, I’m always looking at ways to improve my network. A few weeks ago, I decided to put the access points where they belonged. Since I have attic access above the mid level and second story, I just had to get a Cat6 cable up there. After several hours of trying to get 2 wires through a hole in the garage (I have about 6 other wires through that same hole and didn’t want to make a new one) I managed to pull the cable and wire things up.

The result can be seen in these pictures; the access points pretty much blend in with motion detector and the smoke detector.

The coverage is now very consistent throughout the house and my wife hasn’t complained about the access points on the ceiling!

IMG 6403

IMG 6407

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  1. I just love Unifi gear. I have AP pro in my 3000 sf house that is single story and it covers the entire house without issue. I have a separate guest house on a different channel and roam from one to the next and have the power balanced so they just switch from one to the other. Soon I’m integrating the G3 cameras into the mix 🙂

    1. Hi Paul,

      I can definitely see 1 AP covering my entire house, but sometimes I like to go overboard!

      I’d love to swap my cameras for the G3 cameras, but my cameras work fine and it’s hard to justify the cost to replace 7 cameras just because I want something shiny and new! I’ll spend money on other things that are shiny and new, just not cameras.

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