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When I work, I put my iPhone on my desk next to my computer. Sometimes I pick it up or use it to make a phone call and thought that having a stand for it would be it more convenient. There are lots of stands out there and I didn’t get around to buying in until I saw a Kickstarter project called The Oona. I thought it looked neat and pledged some money towards it. The cost was a little expensive, but I was willing to give it a try.

All the updates sounded promising as the makers were testing different suction cups and designs.

After many delays and lack of communication, my product finally arrived. I set it on my desk, put my phone on it (my phone has no case or screen protector, so the suction cup was attached to the bare phone) and within a few minutes, my phone slid off the suction cup. I kept trying to get it to work and finally gave up. I wasn’t even going to attempt to use it in a place where my phone was more than a few inches off a surface as I don’t trust it.

The product had promise, but is a complete failure. I saw a deal come across for a plastic stand called The Jack and bought it. It was far cheaper than The Oona and actually works.



  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t work

Don’t buy it. This product is a complete waste and isn’t useful at all. The designers need to go back to the drawing board and work on the suction cups.

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  1. I wish I could tell you that you were wrong. But sadly you are somewhat right.

    I had such high hopes for this product but instead I am now wondering what has taken them so long. First of all I don’t trust the suction cups at all and secondly I can’t imagine using it in my car which was why I actually bought it.

    Besides doubting that it might not properly suck onto the window I am more p*ssed about the constant vibration while driving. I know that you can’t fully get rid of this with suction cup stands but seriously, this feels more than wobbly. It kind of makes you feel dizzy just looking at it while using it for navigation.

    Again: I am more than disappointed!

  2. Unfortunately i have to completely agree as well. From the moment that i took it out of the box and tried it as a desktop stand, not only the suction cup didnt work but in addition the surface of the base was very slippery as well. My office is made from glass and the oona wasnt staying in one place. The suction cups are very weak and to be honest i didnt even imagine to try it on my windshield with my brand new iphone 4s. It was a very promising project and that’s why i pledged some money. I hope they fix it soon because the idea is very good.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Such a shame, as the product itself is beautiful. I attempted to use it today as a stand for my phone while I shot a time lapse and it made it all of 4 minutes several times.

    I was nervous about removing my case to try and get a better suction, but I did it anyway and it didn’t help one bit.

    Backed this product on Kickstarter long, long ago and was so excited and so thoroughly let down.

  4. Yes, it doesn’t work. What’s more infuriating is that a lot blogs and somewhat respectable review sites made their own videos about this great little wonder, giving it praise.
    I tried returning mine, only to find out the return window is 2 weeks only. Mine stayed wrapped for 2 weeks as a Christmas present.

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