Disappointed in new MacBook Pro Offering

I see that Apple released new MacBook Pro machines today. The upgrade seems quite minor. I was hoping for more. While I will get a new machine (after I pay the tax man and see what is left), I really wanted something faster than 2.5 GHz (the 2.6 GHz upgrade for $250 is a waste in my mind) with a larger 7200 RPM drive (the largest 7200 RPM drive I can get is 200 GB). In any case, it will be a nice upgrade from my almost 2 year old MacBook Pro (2.16 GHz Core Duo with 100 GB hard drive). Apple is still out of whack with its RAM pricing; I can go down to The Chip Merchant and buy 4 GB of RAM for $110; Apple wants $400.

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  1. Lucky you (or maybe not so lucky; a return means that you overpaid your taxes and the government got to use your money for something stupid, like the war, for awhile). Unless my tax guy messed up last year and had me paying too much for my estimated taxes, tax time is really going to suck.

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