Brand loyalty

Yesterday I went to Home Depot to pick up some attachments for my Dremel to do some glass etching. The Dremel attachments were about $8 each and I needed 4 of them according to the project instructions I had; 2 were diamond tipped and 2 were tungsten carbide. I also saw a Black & Decker kit that contained 4 diamond tipped attachments, cutting wheels, grinding attachment, etc. for $10. I bought the Black & Decker kit as well as one of the Dremel tungsten carbide attachments. I got home, used the Black & Decker kit and was able to return the Dremel attachment.

So, the question is, is the Dremel name worth that much more? In this case, the diamond tipped attachments are made from diamond scrap and/or synthetic diamond and how much different can they be? Personally, I’ll buy the cheaper attachment as long as they work as well. It appears that the Black & Decker ones work fine as I had no trouble using them to etch glass.

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