Sprint’s weird billing practices

I checked my Sprint account yesterday to see if I was credited for the phone I returned (due to them ordering the wrong phone). Well, I had a huge credit, so I call them and after awhile on the phone, found out that they charged my credit card, then issued a credit on my account then bill the phone to my account. I already knew they did this weird stuff; so when I originally ordered my new phone, I didn’t put in my Sprint number so that they couldn’t do this game. Of course, that failed because they sent me the wrong phone. So I checked my credit card statement and found a credit for the original phone. I’m now completely confused and will see what happens when my bill comes. Why can’t Sprint just bill my credit card and not touch my account? Is that so hard to do? Also, why can’t they list detailed charges prior to a bill being generated so that I could see the charges and credits instead of just seeing a -$605 balance? Uggh.

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