TiVo – How could we live without it?

Last year before we got TiVo, I told everyone that said it was great, that they must be crazy as it couldn’t be all that good. My wife and I watch our fair share of TV, but have watched a lot of junk in our couch potato time. In the year since we got TiVo, we can’t really watch TV without it. The summer has a lot of junk on and it allowed us to catch up on some stuff. Now that the new season has started, our TiVo is filled with shows that we want to watch. Being able to skip commercials is great and we now watch TV on our own time instead of when the networks say we want to watch it. We record the news every night and don’t have to be home at 5:30 pm and can walk the dog without having to rush back.

I know that every company and his neighbor is coming out with a DVR/PVR, but I’m quite happy with my TiVo. My wife has accepted the technology (she was reluctant at first) and we’re both hooked.

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